How to join us?

If you have an office or you are working as a freelance, Harper & Lynch invites you to join them in their network, as a member firm. Our global network makes Harper & Lynch distinct. The collective expertise, talent, and experience of its members help us deliver lasting impact to our clients, provide our people with a wide array of choices, and create opportunities for exceptional professional and personal growth. In Harper & Lynch, we base our success in marginal cost and not on structural cost. The profits are shared with our clients.

Our top management approach means we think broadly, from the leader’s perspective, about the implication of their problem for the whole organisation, as well as the member firms. As specialist in Harper & Lynch Credit Bank©, will help with advice and guide each client through the whole process; in other words, they will be your best allies whatever the situation you may be confronted with. The Harper & Lynch Credit Bank© consultants will be in charge of the evaluation analysis, the preparation of all the required documentation and all dealings with financial institutions.

To build trust and deliver the best results possible, we work closely with you. Being onsite is critical to understanding your challenge and collaborating on a realistic and feasible answer. We make sure that you have enough input to own the solution and the skills necessary to make it work. This is one of the keys to creating dramatic and lasting impact.

We work closely with you every step of the way to test conclusions and assess the feasibility of answers. At the time, we build your skills so you can make lasting change in the organisation’s performance.

Our work does not end with the set up of the office. We help them to implement the Harper & Lynch method together with the GRtc©, system “Generating Results in times of crisis”. We stay connected to you, because we believe in doing what is best for the member firm, not just today, but throughout our relationship.

When you arrive at Harper & Lynch, you will not find a well-worn path to follow. Your direction is mainly up to you. Making your own way accelerates your growth and inspires you to explore. This freedom is at the root of our mission to create a firm that develops, excites, and retains exceptional people.

In reality, you will have a lot of influence over the projects to work on, the people you work with, and the places you go. Your development is very important for us.

At Harper & Lynch, we have decided to move forward and accelerate the process of integration for all those that want to join a winning team.

We have tasted success. We want to join forces with top professionals that are looking forward to be part of a leading consultancy company.

If you are interested, please send us your details to the following address; All the information received, will be treated confidentially.