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Harper & Lynch has established its reputation for helping clients to cope with rapidly changing business situations and with the Credit Bank© method providing the GRtc© system “Generating Results in Times of Crisis”.

Each organisation gets a tailored made financial product. These products are under continuous analysis from all the available data in the market, whether it be national or international.

Harper & Lynch Credit Bank© provides the GRtc© system both for organisations as well as for individuals.

The specialist in Harper & Lynch Credit Bank©, will help with advice and guide each client through the whole process; in other words, they will be your best allies whatever the situation you may be confronted with.

The Harper & Lynch Credit Bank© consultants will be in charge of the evaluation analysis, the preparation of all the required documentation and all dealings with financial institutions.

Harper & Lynch provides their client with all the necessary expertise. We help you to transform all intangibles into highly tangible results. We offer our clients all the experience that has been acquired throughout our many years of activity in a globalised market.

The aim is to consider all possible procedures and processes that may be required by any financial institution. We look for the best results possible.

Our consultants will analyze all cash flow within the organisation, and study the steps required to achieve the objectives set by the management. Through the GRtc© system a criteria analysis of the situation is made, taking into account all necessary parameters, at the time the procedures are required

At Harper & Lynch, we support the management team in optimising the structure of their finance functions in order to improve the contribution to the business. We structure our support to ensure that finance addresses the challenges of achieving appropriate standards of control, efficient back office opportunities and support to the business through insight and challenge.

Our aim is to maintain compliance and control. In other words, we should be accountable to the business and to the financial community. For many, responses have been tactical rather than strategic. More deeply embedded and sustainable solutions are now required. Flexibility to respond to future regulatory change is also increasingly important.

Another factor to take into account is the driving efficiency. In reference to the pressure to release money, resources and capacity have never been greater. Gains may come from the elimination of redundant activities, consolidation of activities, standardisation and automation of processes.

Harper & Lynch’ specialists provide insight and challenge. Insight takes different forms in different organisations. It involves delivery of an effective performance management framework, understanding the key business drivers. Challenging and supporting business decisions around these drivers. Equipping finance to deliver effective support to these aspects requires tools and capabilities such as our Credit Bank© method provided by the GRtc© system.

Harper & Lynch understands that recent pressure on global organisations to improve business effectiveness and minimise risk is a trend that has hit the Human Resources area. The drive to improve business performance through human capital has made it critical for organisations to realise and demonstrate the value of HR policies and processes.

Harper & Lynch's human resource consultancy team helps organisations achieve HR assurance and offers an objective view of your HR function is business effectiveness. We first view the strategic HR planning the function benchmarking data includes will allow us to underpin our knowledge with hard data. Thus, we could be looking at a HR function effectiveness & service delivery, transaction services, with a benchmarking.

Creating the right organisation for your employees is essential for attracting and retaining key staff, achieving business and human resource objectives, as well as optimising related costs.

At Harper & Lynch, we can draw the compensation plan, benefits, pension and financial experience of our global network, we help organisations link executive and employee rewards to business goals and shareholder value. Our network of reward consultants is fully integrated and people focused.

Harper & Lynch brings in the skills and resources to deliver technical, tax, legal, accounting and financial services via an evidence-based approach, giving our clients a competitive advantage in today's market.

Organisations are rightly expecting a measurable return on their change programmes and are becoming increasingly demanding with regard to achieved outcomes.

Organisational change is complex because of the interdependencies between the stakeholders, the organisation, and its people and supporting technologies; any change in one aspect is likely to affect one or more of the others. The softer aspects of business change, such as changing behaviours, gaining buy-in of the staff, managing transfers into and out of organisations, and providing training at the right time, are critical to achieving the desired outcomes.

Harper & Lynch has established a strong reputation for helping clients cope in the face of changing business conditions across industries and services. With member firm offices, Harper & Lynch can offer you a complete range of audit and assurance, transactions, crisis management, performance improvement, tax and human resource services, tailored to your specific industry. It is all part of our commitment to helping you address your company's business challenges.

Change and programme effectiveness services create the change strategy and design:/p>

  • Advise on approaches to align values, attitudes and behaviours with strategic objectives.
  • Advise on benefits delivery
  • Advise on personnel inventory and potential evaluation
  • Coach management to assimilate the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours required to increase their effectiveness in driving sustainable change
  • Assist with project office advisory services
  • Headhunting
  • Personnel selection
  • Assist on training and internal communication.

Web Development

  • Website design and development
  • Hosting and maintenance
  • SEO
  • CMS

Lotus Notes & Domino Server Services

  • Training
  • Push Mail ( Notes® Traveler / mSuite)
  • Archiving
  • Backup
  • Security
  • Migration
  • Upgrading
  • Support (onsite / Remote)

Network Security

  • Security Analysis
  • Security Planning and Deployment
  • Security Testing and Auditing
  • Network Optimization
  • VOIP for SME
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